The Whistling Karaoke Challenge!

Competition Start:
Competition End: 16th May 2020 11:55 PM
Team Size 1
Left Hours
Eligibility 12 - 99 Yrs
Category Open To All
Domain Talent
Region India


Kompete is one of a kind platform which aims to provide quality solutions to objectives through the medium of Competition.

Kompete Presents the Whistling Karaoke Challenge in association with IWA (the Indian Whistlers Association)!

Come participate in the most unusual competition of the time wherein you can show-up your karaoke skills with the touch of Whistling, which replaces the lyrics.

The fear of following up with lyrics is all gone!

So, let's not waste your whistling and karaoke skills... Forget the lyrics and whistle the songs to win the most exciting prizes.

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The Whistling Karaoke Challenge, Panel of Judges:

Capt. Chetan Bapat & Mrs. Lakshmy Iyer


Capt. Chetan Bapat is from Thane, Maharashtra and a sailor by profession.

Capt. Bapat is trained in Hindustani and Western Classical music. He also sings and has won several accolades, whilst performing live singing and whistling during stage shows. He is a pucker and palatal whistler, with occasional finger whistling as well. He is a well-known figure in the whistling fraternity. Capt. Bapat is the National Secretary of IWA and part of its Core committee, for all the pan-India activities.


Lakshmy Iyer is a devoted home maker from Mumbai. She is trained in Carnatic Classical Vocals and the Saraswathi Veena under several renowned gurus and has many stage performances to her accolade. She is a pucker whistler and has performed whistling live on stage and is a very respected person in the whistling fraternity. Lakshmy is the National Treasurer and Spokesperson of IWA and part of its Core committee. She provides guidance and coordinates all the online pan-India member activities of IWA.



Disclaimer: Judges may refer performances for tracks pertaining to certain languages to other similar qualified persons for inputs.


  • Individual Participation
  • Open for all ages
  • Track selection can be for any language.
  • The decision of organizers is binding on all participants
  • Registration fees: Rs.180.00 per person
  • Registration fees are Non-Refundable
  • Competition brief can be downloaded below.
  • Winner will be declared based upon the Final decision from the Judges.
  • Registration deadline is 16th May 2020, 21:00 hrs


Registration Deadline

16th May 2020 11:55 PM

Submission Deadline

16th May 2020 11:55 PM

Submission & Evaluation

  • Record a Selfie Video of whistling any song of your choice with a karaoke backing track.
  • Video can be made using any App however the participant should be visible while whistling the song.
  • Be sure to Mention your Name & City followed by "Participating in the all India Whistling Karaoke by" as the introduction.
  • Duration of the video should not exceed 3min (Including your introduction).
  • Short Cover & Full Cover, Both are accepted. 
  • Video and the link to the track has to be sent on WhatsApp.
  • Mention name of the participant and registered mobile number in the WhatsApp Message.
  • WhatsApp to be sent on +91-7208068002
  • The video will be Judged by the panel of judges from the ‘Indian Whistlers Association’
  • Winner will be announced on the Facebook & Instagram Page of Kompete.
  • Link to the Facebook Page:
  • Link to the Instagram page:
  • Submission of the video ends on 16th May 2020, 23:55 hrs

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Rewards & Recognition


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